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Manuka honey has lower-than-usual sugar values as well as 4 times more antibacterial properties than any other honey thanks to the fact that it is extracted from a rare version of the tea tree that can only be found in New Zealand. 

Manuka honey is widely used as a powerful natural alternative to antibiotics. The unique active ingredient in manuka honey is called methylglyoxal (measure in MGO), the minimum requirement for antibacterial activity is 100 MGO. It was found that the higher the MGO concentration, the greater the antibacterial activity.


Manuka honey excels in:

Anti-aging treatment (external and internal use).

Treatment of burns, inflammatory wounds – diabetes wounds – Bedsores.

Oral and dental health.

Various infections – Throat, especially known for the gastrointestinal, urinary, and prostate.

Balancing blood pressure and increasing masculinity.

Suppression of the spread of cancer cells.

Improving sleep (encourages collagen secretion).

* Recently we also received referrals from therapists with therapeutic experience in patients on the spectrum of autism and attention deficit disorders.


Hackett’s Manuka honey has a strict MPI standard from the New Zealand Ministry of Industry and is controlled by a certified external laboratory.


As mentioned, I have over 20 years of familiarity with this beekeeper who produces this Premium Manuka honey.


Link to a cute video describing the honey process by the beekeepers in New Zealand –


New Zealand Pure Premium Manuka Honey MGO 1000+ 800+ 600+ 500+ 300+ 100+ 250/500gr By Keri Nectar at Kerikeri Inlet, New Zealand
Free Shipping – 7-10 days

Economy shipping 4-6 days

Express shipping 1-3 days

From the remote reaches and breathtaking backcountry of Aotearoa, we harvest one of nature’s greatest nourishing gifts, pure high-grade Mānuka honey.

Founded on connection and community, ours is a family-owned business – and one we proudly put our name to.

Our Mānuka honey is harvested from pristine coastal and alpine regions and delivered to you just as nature intended.

We’re committed to doing right by our bees, our land, and our people, and in doing so, contributing to a more sustainable future for all.


Here are some points to know why to buy Hackett's Manuka Honey by Keri Nectar:

  1. We have 20 years of commercial beekeeping and honey-producing experience.
  2. We have an MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries NZ) approved and audited premises for extracting, processing, packing and exporting honey, and because of this we are able to be the only people to handle our honey, so know every process it has been through and know where it has come from (our hives). Our honey can be traced back to a harvest area or apiary.
  3. We don’t ultra filter our honey, so we leave natural pollen in, and we don't use high temperatures in processing, so the Bio-Essence of the honey remains intact. Raw HoneyOther large companies source honey from all over the country, which can have varied quality in extraction and processing.
  4. We are in this business for the long haul, so we make our beekeeping practices sustainable. We understand that a healthy hive is a happy and productive hive, so we avoid areas of Agrochemicals/toxins that can have an immediate effect on the hives, or can build up over years to just generally reduce hive health with trace amounts that the bees can’t avoid, (Colony Collapse Disorder) which is becoming a more serious issue around the world.  We target remote areas with limited farming around and maximum natural biodiversity, and a variety of pollen sources, which has a noticeable effect on bee health and honey quality.
  5. We manage our hives sustainably, without overpopulating areas, which reduces hive health and can spread disease among the colonies.
  6. We give back money to the landowners where our hives are located, (which is often to poorer families in remote areas, often indigenous Māori with low income, so this has been quite rewarding for us).
  7. We use eco-friendly packaging, Glass jars locally and R-pet jars internationally. R-pet has already been recycled and can be recycled again.
  8. Lab reports of the activity of each batch are available.
  9. We have our name backing our product, it is what we do, and it is the only thing we do, hands-on, overseeing each step. We aim to do it well as our welfare also depends on it.

Prices for 250 gr plastic jars, free international shipping:

100+ MGO = 39$

300+ MGO = 55$

500+ MGO = 79$

600+ MGO = 95$

800+ MGO = 125$

1000+ MGO = 155$

Shipment can be upgraded to economy 9$ or express 39$.

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