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We at Desert Dew catering believe in providing quality service – starting from the initial care for clients that are looking for catering solutions, while implementing feedback from our clients on the overall service that has been provided.

The catering kitchen is characterized, among other things, by the use of local food products such as unique BARRAMUNDI fish grown in bore water (salty) fish ponds, sauces and condiments, selected wines, organic vegetables.

The catering kitchen takes pride in its high degree of meticulousness over the selection of quality raw materials and fresh food, and also in the quality and cleanliness of the cooking utensils and equipment.

DesertDew considers social responsibility seriously, and its employees come from various sectors such as minorities, mature-aged, and single mothers. All of this is being carried out by taking into consideration people with special needs, and employing them according to the law.

DesertDew catering is owned and managed by Tal Gerlitz, who lives with his family in Ben Gurion collage. Tal’s professional experience covers being a Kibbutz cook, an assistant to a Kibbutz kitchen manager, owning and running a small and home-style catering business for guest houses at SDE-BOKER (and the surrounding area), and owning and managing DesertDew catering, that has developed to serve a large selection of clients all around ISRAEL. Tal left the culinary profession for a few years in order to benefit from a fascinating experience in agriculture – caring for a wine vineyard, an olive grove and a jojoba grove for the cosmetic oils industry. The idea to go back to the kitchen began with the suggestion of ORLY SHARIR, owner of ORLYYA farm. She suggested that Tal should not forget the culinary world of the kitchen, and should cook for the guests at her guest house. The rest is history. Since then, the catering business has evolved into a large scale activity providing services to large variety of clients, big or small, at a location of the client’s choice.

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